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100 Days, 1 Hour a Day

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Mastery = Video Tutorials + Coding Projects

This course is designed to give you at least 1 hour of coding practice everyday for 100 days. You'll get the nuts and bolts explanations of how everything works, then you'll apply it in fun coding exercises and real word projects.

Success = Accountability + Motivation

As a part of the 100 days of code challenge, you will log your progress everyday on Twitter. And you'll get access to a community of other students doing the challenge who will cheer you on and motivate you.


What You'll Learn

You'll go from complete beginner to advanced professional level Python. These are just some of the tools, skills and frameworks you will master.

What You'll Build

The best part about the course is every day you'll build a new projects. Here are just some of the projects you'll make by the end of the course.


We'll learn Object Oriented Programming for Python to build this awesome game of Pong.


We'll learn to scrape and automate the web using BeautifulSoup and Selenium Web Driver and build an Auto-Tinder Swiper.

Fully Featured Blog

We'll learn HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Flask to build a fully featured blog application and host it on Heroku.
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100+ Projects
650+ Video Tutorials
30+ Coding Exercises
56+ Hours

Student Reviews

Don't just take my word for it, check out what my existing students have to say about this course.

"This is my second Angela's course and I absolutely love it! I am a developer but would love to learn new programming languages and her teaching style suits me very much as it is the most interactive, interesting course that keeps me focused and motivated to finish all the modules. This is probably the best money I have ever spent! Thanks Angela, you are the best."


"Amazing course! Angela explains all concepts in detail along with the examples, which makes it much easier to actually understand. For beginners, breaking down the problem into smaller steps using a flowchart clarifies what needs to be coded and of course the how (AMAZING!). Also, the one minute "motivational" video at the end of each day is an excellent motivator to continue. Angela, you are a great teacher!"

Jesse Walia

"I love this course, mainly because every section is only an hour and the whole course is centered around giving you projects to master what you just learned immediately. I've tried multiple courses in the past and I think this is the first one I will actually complete!"

Ariel Ramirez

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